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What is biodiesel fuel
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What is biodiesel fuel
Present practical biodiesel fuel is methyl esterification of fatty acid, which is first generation of biodiesel.
General description
of practical
biodiesel fuel
General description
Present biodiesel is liquid fuel, which is obtained by methyl esterification of fatty acid.
The main constituent is fatty acid methyl ester.
Main usage
Mixture usage with diesel and heavy oil or alternative usage for engines.
Mixture usage with kerosene and heavy oil or alternative usage for engines.
Biodiesel Fuel is an alternative fuel for diesel, which is composed of recyclable materials like fatty acid of plant and animal origin.
Using biodiesel will enable us to clear exhaust gas standards for diesel engine.

The production process of present practical biodiesel fuel is methyl esterification of trigliceride by alkorisis, and its product is called first generation of biodiesel.

FAME of rape seed oil or sun flower oil is used in environmentally developed countries in EU, while FAME of soybean oil has been put in use since 1990s in US. FAME of cooking oil waste has been used in several areas in Japan as a biodiesel fuel.
Majoy plants used in biodiesel production
Almost all animal and plan fatty acids
can produce biodiesel fuel,
however the following raw materials
are mainly focused.
Waste cooking oil
Yield of palm is big but its price is unattainable in terms of the strong interest from the world. Jatropha is durable at terrible atmosphere.
It can survive in desert so it can be used as greening effect.
Good quality oil can be squeezed.
its cost is cheap and its production is stainable for fuel in terms of impossible transferring to food.
Jatropha can be used for two methods, biodiesel fuel and greening effect, so its reputation is quite high.
Waste cooking oils are used for recycle purpose instead of the measure for greenhouse effects.
The quality control is difficult to do because their mixed oils.
It is also difficult to scale up the supply in terms of their volume.
Sun flower oil
Soy bean oil
Rapeseed oil
Sun flower, soy bean, and rape seed are mainly used as raw materials in Europe and the United States. Their usages are depend on their harvest area.
Can vegetable oil be used directly as an alternative fuel for engines?
Vegetable oils have high flash point, so they cannot be combusted in engines.
That is why vegetable oils require transformation with methyl ester for alternative fuels by reducing flash points.
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