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Jatropha Project
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Our Action
Jatropha Project
We are doing Jatropha planting test, which will lead to the most promissing way for both greening deserts and yielding of biomass fuel, in Philippines.
Jatropha Project
NBF has started Jatropha planting tests in Philippines since 2008. Our aim is to build the system for stable biofuel supply without deforestation.
Usage for biodiesel
Greening projects Tolerability against drying Non food
Jatropha is cultivated in over 30 countries, African and other countries.
The main purposes are greening projects and erosion controls. Other purposes are to use lamp oil, raw material for biodiesel, and soap by squeezing the seeds to obtain its oil.
Furthermore, its marc of seeds, called seed cake, is used as fertilizer.
Usage for Biodiesel fuel
Seed of Jatropha can be taken 5 tons per year from 1 ha and its high quality oil can be squeezed 35% from the seed.
As the result, 1.75 tons per year of raw material for biodiesel fuel will be acquired from 1 ha.
Jatropha seed can produce 35% of oil compare to palm seed can do, but its is 5 times as many as soy bean’s and 3 times as many as rape seed’s.
Non food oil
•Low and stable price in terms of no competition of vegetable oils
•High contented amount and good quality of oil.
•Fast and stable growth.
•Easy acquisition of seeds from their wild species.
Greening project
(Tolerability against drying)
•possibility of plantation under situations of poor soil and annual
rainfall less than 400 mm.
•Important role against desertification and drought.
•Opportunity of creating new income in rural area.
About Jatropha curcas
Jatropha curcas is small tree with 5m height and spread in the tropical America. Its fruit is oblong, 3-4.5cm. Its seed contains poisons, which are used as purgative medicine and emetic. Seed oil can be used as raw material for soaps and machine oils.
Jatropha grows well in dry land.
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