Realizing symbiotic civilization in the 22th century by renewable energy.
Our Passion
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Our Passion
Makoto Goda, CEO
Nippon Biodiesel Fuel Co., Ltd.
From hunting style energy towards cultivating style energy.
Human beings has developed our civilizations and fostered our cultures by making use of accessible resources around our lives.

In the eighteenth century, industrial revolution brought human beings innumerable products and immeasurable convenience by utilization of energy so called fossil fuel. On the other hand, we have been facing arising various environmental problems since twentieth century.

Global warming issue that is particularly regarded as a serious problem is caused mainly by increasing demand and consumption of fossil fuel.
Greenhouse gases emitted to the atmosphere, desertification and depletion of fossil fuel have spread to the space through points and face.
They undermine us as serious problems, which remain influences to our next generation.

Now environmental issues have gone beyond time and space.

The world will change from hunting style, depletes finite resources and destructs the environment to cultivating style, generates renewable energy at long span.
NBF is an enterprise, which generates a new renewable energy from plant as resource.

We will try to achieve a good balance among people, natures, and countries through renewable energy project and explore “Cultural Coexistence”, helps cross subsidization.
We hope that “Cultural Coexistence” could create a richer culture in next generation and more. We will make efforts in order to create a proud era in our future with you.
Nippon Biodiesel Fuel co., ltd.1-6-1 Otemachi Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004, Japan
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