Realizing symbiotic civilization in the 22th century by renewable energy.
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Cultivating energy for a civilization of
harmonious coexistence with nature
Biomass Fuel
By using biomass fuel, one of the renewable energy, preserve global environment.
Global environmental problems such as global warming, air pollution, and deforestation are the results of our present civilizations’ deep dependency on fossil fuels. Therefore, introduction of a new energy and attention to energy conservation are not only domestic issues in Japan but also issues of global scale.

By 2010, Japanese government expects 0.5 million litters (in terms of crude oil) of biomass fuel for transportation will be used in Japan for the demonstration of biomass energy aiming at prevention of global warming. However, “Eco-fuel promoting council” of Japan Environmental Agency estimates vast majority (90.8~92.8%) of this biomass fuel will come from oversea.
Biodiesel Fuel
Placing BDF (Bio-Diesel Fuel) as one of our
core businesses by developing a next generation biomass fuel.
BDF (Bio-Diesel Fuel) is spotlighted in recent years as a diesel-replaceable fuel because it achieves reduction of greenhouse gas and purification of exhaust fume at the same time.

Since sulfur and aromatic series are lower comparing to fossil diesel fuel, the levels of sulfur oxide and PM (Particulate Matter) in exhaust fume are lower. BDF is also superior to fossil fuels in SPM (Suspended Particulate Matter) and SOx aspects in addition to its fuel efficiency. Due to these excellence, BDF is appraised as the finest fuel for automobiles in the views of global warming prevention and environmental preservation.
Jatropha planting test
Desirable biodiesel material: Jatropha curcas
Our planting tests are on-going for greening deserts and producing new energy.
Regarding the procurement of plant-origin oil, which becomes material for biodiesel fuel, NBF is making efforts to secure palm oil in Malaysia, at the same time, NBF is also starting systematic planting tests of Jatropha curcas in Philippines.

Since Jatropha is inedible, there is no dilemma with the question whether to use it for fuel or for food. There is also no dilemma with choice of the land since Jatropha can be planted in a dry land where no other plantation, such as palms, can survive.

Regarding the competition with other industries and regarding the environment preservation of production site, Jatropha is a very desirable biomass material.
More details - Jatropha Project
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