Realizing symbiotic civilization in the 22th century by renewable energy.
Concerning Points
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Concerning points
Cultivating energy for a civilization of
harmonious coexistence with nature
Biomass production site, Plant-origin biodiesel refinement, Transport, Biodiesel consumption site, In each Process input energy.
Biomass production site
Possible devastation of ecosystem,
large scale deforestation.
Effect to the global economy by competing with food oil.
Possibility to produce inedible oil at lower price.
Plant-origin biodiesel refinement
Need to overcome the FAME technology, which is the current global standard.
FAME has a quality problem of higher pour point and clogging point.
Avoid terrorism and accident on the sea.
Biodiesel consumption site
Different quality standards in each country.
More suitable to consume where fuel is produced?
In each Process input energy.
Need to consider all aspects of production to consumption including ones against sustainability.
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