Realizing symbiotic civilization in the 22th century by renewable energy.
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Cultivating energy for a civilization of
harmonious coexistence with nature
From hunting style energy towards cultivating style energy.
Harmonious coexistence with nature.
Progress of science and industry in the 20th century has brought us high standard of living among developed nations; on the contrary, it brought many global issues such as global warming, resource depletion, and abnormal weather to our daily lives.

In order to sustain healthy condition of our mother Earth, we need to stop using fossil fuels and need to transform our energy consumption style from hunting style towards cultivating style, which realizes long term global environment preservation.

Through our renewable energy business, we wish to create a cultural basis for harmonious coexistence with nature, in which good balances exist between peoples, between people and nature, and between nation and nation.

Nippon Biodiesel Fuel co., ltd.655 Chiyo, Odawara-shi, Kanagawa 250-0215, Japan
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