Realizing symbiotic civilization in the 22th century by renewable energy.
Cultivating energy for a civilization of<br>  harmonious coexistence with nature
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Cultivating energy for a civilization of
harmonious coexistence with nature
Field of renewable energy, Green oil field project
fossil energyrenewable
From Black oil field towards green oil field.
The wish to “Live in a world with less environmental risks” is not only our wish but our future generations’ wish. We can make this wish come true by reducing fossil fuel (black oil) and increasing renewable biomass fuel (green oil).

Through our “green oil field project” we would like to spread our value in “coexistence with nature” which is apart from the 20th century’s big dependency on fossil fuel.

“green oil field” creating renewable energy
Project Concept Plan to spread renewable energy through governmental or non-governmental organizations across borders by creating a self-sufficient energy.
Conservation of
fossil resources
Reduction of
greenhouse gas
Maintain energy security LOVE PEACE Environmental
education and training
Business related to
trading of
emissions quotas
Balance with nature
and industries
at production sites
Jatropha Project
We started Jatropha planting tests in Philippines for greening deserts and creating a new energy source.
“Green oil fieldProject” in Philippines.
More details - Jatropha Project
Action and Result
Out action Big results
We and you will make “green oil field” by collaborating with villages and corporations of Asia and of the world.
“green oil field” can create job opportunities in Asia and around the world and can improve their living standard.
“Green oil field” composes of suitable plants for its region and future. We will use Jatropha which will
be able to green deserts.
Biomass fuel which is harvested and refined from “green oil field” will absorb carbon dioxide, solving global environmental problems.
Biomass fuel which is harvested and refined from “green oil field” will be used in production area and also used in other countries through fair trade.
Enlargement of “green oil field” can contribute for the popularization of renewable energy.
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