Realizing symbiotic civilization in the 22th century by renewable energy.
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Our Action
Our Technology
Jatropha Project
Summery of out technology
We will explore the next generation of biomass fuels with
hydro carbonation of vegetable oils.
Instead of FAME method for biodiesel fuel today, we will create a cleaner and better quality biomass fuel with our next generation technology.

The next generation of refinement for biomass fuel, which we are now developing, is hydro carbonation with ozone from fatty acid.
This method is different from FAME method.
Second generation of biodiesel will be popularized in 2010
In Europe, they define biodiesel as the followings.
First generation of biodiesel= FAME
Second generation of biodiesel=hydro carbon.
Comparison between hydro carbonated biodiesel fuel of NBF and FAME.
Lower pour point, Lower clogging point, Low kinematic viscosity 30 degree, Lower flash point, Nox emission is lower, Solid waste and waste water are fewer than FAME method
Comparison between hydro carbonated biodiesel fuel of NBF and diesel oil.
Lower sulfur, Lower aromatic series
Hydro carbonation of vegetable oils is cleaner and better quality biodiesel fuel as the second generation of biodiesel.
Hydro carbonation
Hydro carbonation is a new technology to make petroleum
by skipping the a few hundred million years.
We will develop the hydro carbonation of vegetable oilsfrom the point of view
“plant will be changed to petroleum after a few hundred million years”.
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