Peace Engineering and pioneering a Cultivated Civilization

Since our establishment, our passion has been to create an environment, “Peace”, where everyone can trust tomorrow and can enjoy today full heartedly. We call this pursuit of such an environment “Peace Engineering”. Our businesses cover the fields of energy, food, and finance. We consider these three areas as the foundation for Peace Engineering, because we believe that each community being self-sufficient in food and energy (specifically in terms of daily necessities), as well as each community being assured an exchange mechanism for food and energy in a fair financial system, support the foundation of our passion, “Peace”. Through our business, we present a “Cultivated Civilization” in which various relationships, such as between people, people and nature, and between countries find a good balance and build bonds where they all need and value each other.

We hope that through mainstreaming “Cultivated Civilization” a richer culture will be nurtured for our children, grandchildren, and future generations. We dedicate ourselves to creating an era with you together that we can be proud to hand over to future generations.