SERVICE 03Cash based transfer

Acheive subsidy distribution even in offline cirucmstance by connecting with NFC card

Service concept

Since 2015, Nippon Biodiesel Fuel (NBF) has provided an electronic voucher system by using the Near Field Communication (NFC) card. With this technology merging with financial infrastructure, we provide cash transfer services.

Service structure

Our system of electronic vouchers is operated by the NFC card which has beneficiary information and the amount of subsidy balance recorded. We upgrade this system and connect to financial infrastructures such as bank accounts or mobile money accounts through API (Application Program Interface), to operate cash distribution.

Conventionally, one of the challenges of cash distribution was security. In order to bring huge amounts of cash to distribution points required cost to prevent crime risks. Also, managing the paper-based receipt was a challenge and required an administration cost. By using the electronic system, we can achieve the same program with less security risk and also record all distribution. The recorded data allows us to review “To whom”, “When”, Where”, and “How much” the subsidy transfer occurs and ensures the transfers are made to the right beneficiaries. The transfers are traceable, and the record is useful for reporting and evaluation purposes.

Once the system is connected with a mobile money account, the beneficiary can withdraw the value using their NFC card and this allows the distribution of the subsidy. It will not rely on the internet coverage of any mobile companies or on the possession of a mobile phone.


We provide cash transfer system for Mozambican governmental institute to implement social security assistance program. Our system allows beneficiaries to receive subsidies using NBF card which is connected to his/her mobile money account. The number of beneficiaries is around 100,000, and this number is expected to expand to 300,000 during 2021.